Tuesday, 6 January 2009

New e-Book out

I've just released a new e-book on saving money in the kitchen, entitled "Cooking on a budget - eating well to save money."

It includes advice on smart buying - including details of how supermarkets try to trick you into spending more, where they put the cheap things they don't want you to buy, and when they reduce their prices on food that's going to be out of date the next day.

I've also included a set of 'recipes you can adapt'. Rather than being 'proper' recipes with lists of ingredients and quantities, they're more like inspirations for cooking - suggestions for ways to use particular kinds of food.

My guess is that depending on how clever you're being already, you can probably save from ten to forty percent of your budget after you've read the book and put the basic principles into practice.

But one alarming article I read while I was researching it suggests that many people could save a lot more. Apparently, most households are wasting up to half of the food they buy. If you're one of the worst, cut your waste and without changing the brands you buy, or the way you cook, you'd be halving your food budget! That's amazing.

The book is available through Payloadz and costs £3.99.

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