Saturday, 24 January 2009

Leftover bread recipes

Some interesting thoughts on what to do with old bread at the Daily Telegraph.

Sightly stale bread is easy to rescue. Just toast it! Or even just warm it over in a low oven. It also makes excellent garlic bread - slice it down the middle, mix up crushed garlic and butter and spread this inside, and then bake the bread for ten minutes or so in the oven.

That's before you get to the hard old bread that makes breadcrumbs!

My favourite use of breadcrumbs is with butter, parsley and garlic, to make a delicious topping for stuffed mushrooms - or aubergines - or indeed tomatoes. Add a bit of grated cheese if you fancy something more filling. It also makes a nice crust for slowly roast lamb.

And of course there is always bread and butter pudding. I prefer mine with dried apricots rather than raisins, and a little cream added as justifiable luxury. It's also a great way to use up old croissants should you have any left over from breakfast.

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