Friday, 31 October 2008

Frugality or abundance

As the credit crunch hits us it's easy to think that we need to retreat into a grey world of rationing. Batten down the hatches, stop enjoying life, and spend our entire time thinking about the price of everything. Never eat enough food, never enjoy a pint of beer, just spend our entire time as Gradgrinds, either working, or sitting in the dark with the heating off, fifteen woolly jumpers on, bored because we've got rid of the telly and haven't got enough money to go out.

Well that's just not true. One of the most frugal people I know is also someone who has the most fun of any of my friends. She likes a good pint. She loves her food - she grows it on an allotment. She knits, makes her own clothes, recycles almost everything. I don't think she's deprived of anything - except the experience of getting her bank statement written in red ink!

What I want to do with this blog is to help support a lifestyle that's frugal in the spending of money and using of resources - but where style, individuality, and enjoyment are high priorities. I 'll be featuring skills that can help you get more out of life for less - from upholstery, dressmaking and basic DIY to vegetable gardening and drying your own fruit. And I'll be sharing resources on charity shops, free attractions, and finding bargains.

Remember. Just because you're not spending money doesn't mean you're not having fun!

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